Watch: Short Doc ‘Cinematographer’ About Female Cinematographers

"You make the image." A must watch documentary about the filmmaking community and how wonderful it can be. Cinematographer is a short documentary made by Demi Waldron, a working DP who made this extraordinary film to highlight a few great women already working as cinematographers. In this short, six women share the challenges and the complexities of life as a modern cinematographer: Reed Morano (The Skeleton Twins, Meadowland, I Think We're Alone Now), Autumn Eakin (What's Revenge, The Light of [Read Entire Story]

Charlotte Has Fun: New Trailer for Indie Comedy ‘Slut in a Good Way’

"He was all over me!" "Don't fall in love." Comedy Dynamics has debuted an official US trailer for an indie comedy titled Slut in a Good Way, which is a provocative title and comes straight from the film. This is in French because it's from Quebec, with the original title as Charlotte a du fun, or Charlotte has fun. It's about a group of three wild, carefree teenage girls who decide to start working at a "Toy Depot" store that is also staffed by a group of attractive young men with whom they [Read Entire Story]

Alex Winter’s Tech Doc ‘Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain’ Trailer

"The internet is now a tool of central power, but blockchain says 'no way!'" SingularDTV + Futurism have released the official trailer for a documentary titled Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain, formerly known as Decentralized. This is the latest doc made by actor-turned-filmmaker Alex Winter, who also made the excellent other tech docs Downloaded and Deep Web previously. This time he tackles the hot new tech trend of the day - blockchain. Trust Machine is the first blockchain-funded, [Read Entire Story]

Michael Jai White in Official Trailer for Crime Drama ‘Making a Killing’

"Sounds like you need to own up to some of the things you've done." Cleopatra Entertainment has released an official trailer for a film titled Making a Killing, a crime drama from filmmaker Devin Hume. The film is about three morticians who get caught up in a web of greed and deceit, involving buried treasure and a tangled love affair, in this modern day crime mystery that is, apparently, based on a true story. Michael Jai White stars in this as Officer Hudson, along with Mike Starr, Jack [Read Entire Story]

Superb First Trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s Highly Anticipated ‘Glass’

"This is not a cartoon, this is the real world." Universal has revealed the first official teaser trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's Glass, the highly anticipated sequel to Shyamalan's Split from 2016, which turned out to be a secret sequel to Unbreakable. Glass combines all three and brings back all of the characters: James McAvoy as Kevin Wendell Crumb, a serial killer with 24 personalities; Bruce Willis as the "unbreakable" David Dunn; and Samuel L. Jackson as the frail evil villain Elijah [Read Entire Story]

Watch: Horror Short Film ‘Behind’ by Director Ángel Gómez Hernández

"He doesn't like it when people get closet o you." In the mood for something creepy while waiting for A24's Hereditary to hit theaters? Watch this horror short film titled Behind from Spanish writer/director Ángel Gómez Hernández. The film stars Macarena Gómez as Arianne, a divorced mother, obsessed with the idea of ​​her baby falling into the hands of her ex-husband. She meets Leonor during a children's birthday, an old woman who tells her she sees a terrifying looking man following right [Read Entire Story]

Alicia Vikander in First UK Trailer for Deep Sea Thriller ‘Submergence’

"I want to be beside you…" Lionsgate UK has debuted the first official trailer for a romantic drama thriller titled Submergence, which also happens to be the latest feature film made by prolific German filmmaker Wim Wenders (yeah, seriously). The film stars Alicia Vikander and James McAvoy as great lovers, but with a only-in-the-movies pitch: "In a room with no windows on the eastern coast of Africa, an Englishman, James More, is held captive by jihadist fighters. Thousands of miles away [Read Entire Story]

US Trailer for Very Strange Indie ‘Are We Not Cats’ About Eating Hair

"I've been feeling weirdly sick recently." Cleopatra Entertainment has debuted an official trailer for a super strange indie film titled Are We Not Cats, from writer/director Xander Robin. This first premiered at the Venice Film Festival back in 2016 but hasn't really made any kind of impact, despite playing at numerous other festivals. The film is about a man who, after losing his job, his girlfriend, and his apartment in a single day, attempts to restart his life, until he meets a woman who [Read Entire Story]

First Absurd Trailer for Storm Action Movie ‘The Hurricane Heist’ Hits

"This is gunna be harsh!" Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures has debuted the first official trailer for the most absurd, ridiculous movie of 2018 - The Hurricane Heist. So here's the concept - thieves attempt a massive heist against the U.S. Treasury as a Category 5 hurricane approaches one of its Mint facilities. And this is made by director Rob Cohen, of the infamous Stealth and xXx and Fast and the Furious. Stay away, stay far far away. The cast for The Hurricane Heist includes Maggie [Read Entire Story]

Trailer for Indie Film ‘I Kill Giants’ with Madison Wolfe & Zoe Saldana

"There's some serious stuff going down… I find giants, I hunt giants, I kill giants." Whoa! An official trailer has arrived for a film titled I Kill Giants, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year though we didn't hear much about it then. Made by Oscar-winning (for his short film Helium) Danish director Anders Walter, the film stars Madison Wolfe as a precocious young woman who believes in the Dungeons & Dragons world in order to escape the struggles of her own real [Read Entire Story]

Watch This: Lovely Supercut of the 2018 Academy Award Nominees

The countdown is on! We're now 39 days away from the Academy Awards ceremony, where we'll see if Three Billboards or The Shape of Water or maybe even Get Out wins the top prize in Hollywood. With the nominations revealed earlier this week (you can view the full list here), our friend Louis Plamondon aka "Sleepy Skunk" has put together a supercut video made exclusively for Cineplex recapping all of the major nominees. I'm very glad they included all of the Best Foreign Language Films in this as [Read Entire Story]

New US Trailer for Warwick Thornton’s Outback Drama ‘Sweet Country’

"Why did you run, Mr. Kelly?" Samuel Goldwyn has unveiled an official US trailer for an Australian racism drama titled Sweet Country, from acclaimed director Warwick Thornton (of Samson & Delilah). This first premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year, and played at the Toronto and London Film Festivals. It also plays at the Sundance Film Festival this month hitting pretty much every big fest. Sweet Country takes place in the Northern Territory of Australia nearly 100 years ago, [Read Entire Story]

Official Full-Length Trailer for ‘Super Troopers 2’ Pits USA vs Canada

"They've been waiting for a second chance… waiting for their country to need them again…" Damn Yanks! Crazy Canadians! Fox Searchlight has debuted the new full-length trailer for the long-awaited sequel Super Troopers 2, hitting theaters on April 20th this spring, because of course it opens on 4/20. Makes total sense. This stoner comedy sequels picks up where the first film (released back in 2001) left off and follows the Super Troopers who are tasked with establishing a Highway [Read Entire Story]

First Trailer for Gus Van Sant’s ‘Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot’

"This doesn't just go away… You have to fight with it, or you die." Amazon Studios has debuted the very first teaser trailer for Gus Van Sant's latest film, titled Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot, which is premiering at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival starting this week. The film shows on Friday night, and we'll be there at the world premiere. Based on John Callahan's memoir, the story follows a Portland slacker who nearly loses his life in a car accident, and lives in wheelchair [Read Entire Story]

Teaser Trailer for Korean Superpowers Action Comedy ‘Psychokinesis’

"Suddenly… you have a supernatural power!" An international trailer has arrived online for a new Korean action film titled Psychokinesis, the latest feature from the director of the acclaimed zombie feature Train to Busan. Sang-ho Yeon directs this new dark comedy film about a father who ties to save his daughter after discovering he has superpowers. The cast includes Seung-ryong Ryu as the father, and Eun-kyung Shim as his daughter Roo-mi, along with Yu-mi Jung, Do-yoon Kim, and Yeong-gi [Read Entire Story]

One More Trailer for ‘The Belko Experiment’ Featuring Michael Rooker

"All employees, lend me your full attention…" BH Tilt released a third trailer for The Belko Experiment, the indie action comedy about an office building locked down where all the employees are forced to play a game of kill-or-be-killed. We've already seen two trailers for this film previously, and it looks good, but at this point I don't need to see more footage. I'm already planning to watch this. Directed by Greg McLean (of Wolf Creek), written by James Gunn (of Guardians of the [Read Entire Story]

John Boyega Stars in Official Trailer for Indie Drama ‘Imperial Dreams’

"When you're born in prison, you don't know what to do with the freedom." Netflix has debuted a trailer for the indie drama Imperial Dreams, starring John Boyega, better known as Finn from Star Wars. Before he went on to make The Force Awakens, Boyega made this indie film with Los Angeles director Malik Vitthal, starring as an aspiring and gifted writer who returns home to his neighborhood after being in prison for two years. He dreams of a better life for himself and his 4-year-old son in this [Read Entire Story]

Check Out the Official Trailer for the 89th Academy Awards Ceremony

The 89th Academy Awards ceremony takes place on Sunday, February 26th, one month from now. The Academy has released an official trailer, just a fun 60-second TV spot, to hype up the ceremony and entice movie lovers to tune in. The trailer mostly features clips from all of the Oscar nominated movies, but it's still an exciting little teaser to remind you that we'll be finding out the winners of Hollywood's most prestigious awards soon enough. I have a good feeling that La La Land is going to win [Read Entire Story]

Watch: Official Trailer for Minhal Baig’s Relationship Drama ‘1 Night’

"But you want romance: earth shattering, life changing." "It should be!" Check out this official trailer for an indie relationship drama titled 1 Night, written and directed by Minhal Baig. The film is about two different couples spending one night (hence the title) at a hotel, looking back at their lives and relationships so far. The cast includes recognizable faces from other movies: Anna Camp, Justin Chatwin, Isabelle Fuhrman, and Kyle Allen. The film already played at a film festival last [Read Entire Story]

Rachel Weisz in Trailer for Roger Michell’s New Film ‘My Cousin Rachel’

"How easy it must be for a woman like your cousin Rachel to twist you around her little finger…" Fox Searchlight has unveiled a trailer for the upcoming romantic drama My Cousin Rachel, adapted from Daphne Du Maurier's novel of the same name. My Cousin Rachel stars Rachel Weisz as the cousin of a young Englishman, who falls for her as he attempts to seek revenge on her for supposedly murdering his guardian. Sam Claflin co-stars, along with Holliday Grainger, Iain Glen, Andrew Knott, and [Read Entire Story]

Teaser Trailer for Hong Sang-soo’s Film ‘On the Beach at Night Alone’

"Do you live happily?" A short teaser trailer has arrived online for the next film from Korean filmmaker Hong Sang-soo, titled On the Beach at Night Alone. The film is set to premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in February this year, which is why this trailer is being released now. Not much is known about the plot yet, but On the Beach at Night Alone is supposedly about an actress who wanders around a seaside town, thinking about her relationship with a married man. The film stars Kim Min-hee, [Read Entire Story]

Fun Disney Video Connecting the Easter Eggs in All of Pixar’s Movies

"Oh my spurs! You ain't never seen Easter eggs like these, partner." Disney has posted a new video on the official Toy Story Facebook page that highlights all of the hidden references in Pixar's movies. Pixar always hides a character from their next movie in each new movie, and this video shows each one of those - starting with Finding Dory. Some other websites are claiming this means the Pixar movies do share a "connected universe", but that's complete nonsense. This is just a fun video showing [Read Entire Story]

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