12-Year-Old Yemeni Girl Is Stranded in Africa and Unable to Reunite With Her Family Due to Trump’s Immigration Ban

A 12-year-old Yemeni girl, stranded in the African country of Djibouti, is fighting to reunite with her family in Los Banos, California following President Donald Trump‘s ban on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries. Eman Ali remains stuck in a hotel room in east Africa with her father after she was turned away from boarding a Saturday flight to the Bay Area, even though she obtained an immigrant visa on Thursday, the day before Trump’s executive order was signed. “She asked me, ‘Why [Read Entire Story]

Ellen DeGeneres Uses ‘Finding Dory’ To School President On Immigration

Finding Dory star Ellen DeGeneres has offered a very public – but very targeted – film analysis on her daytime talk show. Knowing that President Donald Trump hosted a screening of the animated film over the weekend, the-voice-of-Dory pointed out an immigration lesson she hopes he didn’t miss. (Watch the video below.) “Dory arrives in America with her friends Marlin and Nemo,” DeGeneres said in the opening monologue of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “She ends up at [Read Entire Story]

On The Ground At No-Ban Protests Around The Country

We gathered across the country to send a message to the Trump administration — and to the world — that America must keep its arms open. SOURCE: News - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Donald Trump banned refugees from coming to USA & all hell broke loose

Embed from Getty Images Where to even begin with this? On Saturday, Donald Trump signed an executive order halting the resettlement efforts for refugees coming from all countries for 120 days, completely barred Syrian refugees from settlement efforts, and blocked reentry for foreign nationals from seven different “predominantly Muslim” countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen). It’s a “temporary Muslim ban,” which is exactly what he promised to do during the campaign. [Read Entire Story]

Alternativefacts.com exists and it’s been redirected to the perfect site

The phrase "alternative facts" has lit up the internet since Kellyanne Conway infamously used it to describe the White House's version of Trump's sad inauguration crowd numbers. While most people have read the phrase as synonymous with basic lies, it also has another meaning — and a brilliant redirect to a Psychology Today page perfectly explains it. If you visit alternativefacts.com, you'll be directed to an article on the site explaining the psychological phenomenon known as [Read Entire Story]

Petition for Donald Trump to release his tax returns shatters White House record

During the run-up to the 2016 Presidential election, Donald Trump was extraordinarily coy about releasing his tax returns. While boasting that he had nothing to hide, Trump delicately danced around the issue by claiming that he couldn't release his tax returns as he was undergoing an audit. Later on, he said he would gladly release his tax returns if Hillary Clinton released her deleted emails. Continue reading... Trending right now: Apple’s iPhone 8 might look a lot like this The iPhone 7 [Read Entire Story]

‘Supergirl’ Melissa Benoist’s Protest Sign Mirrors TV Show’s Own Steely Resolve

Last Saturday, an estimated one in 100 people in the USA marched and rallied for pluralistic solidarity and in objection to our new president. As I  looked up news and photos from the marches that day, in which my wife and dozens of my friends were participating as well, I stumbled upon a photo that a friend reposted on Facebook. It was of a woman at one of those marches, holding a sign that read: “Hey Donald, don’t try to grab my pussy. It’s made of steel.” I immediately thought, “Oh, right [Read Entire Story]

President Trump Calls Madonna ‘Disgusting’ Following Her Women’s March Speech: ‘What She Said Was Disgraceful to Our Country’

President Donald Trump is responding to Madonna‘s Women’s March speech. In his second interview since becoming commander-in-chief, which aired Thursday evening, Trump called out the songstress for her rousing oration during which she stated that she’s “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” and dropped three f-bombs. “Honestly, she’s disgusting. I think she hurt herself very badly. I think she hurt that whole cause,” the president said to Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity. “I [Read Entire Story]

Jon Voight: Shia LaBeouf & Miley Cyrus are ‘teaching treason’ by protesting

This story is very “Old Man Yells At Clouds.” I guess the hook is that Jon Voight is the old man in this situation and the clouds are “women and celebrities.” Jon Voight thinks Emperor Baby Fists is the bee’s knees. I don’t know what happened to Voight, I really don’t. Like, didn’t he used to be a big Hollywood liberal in the 1970s and ‘80s? He was tight with Jane Fonda. He was part of a huge movement of independent filmmaking. And then something in his brain snapped at some [Read Entire Story]

MIT finds actual wisdom in the wisdom of crowds

To paraphrase Men In Black's Agent K, a person is smart, but people are dumb, panicky and dangerous animals. Researchers at MIT and Princeton wanted to see if, despite this, they were able to extract better information from crowds. They appear to hav... SOURCE: Engadget RSS Feed - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Trump signs executive order stripping non-citizens of privacy rights

With a stroke of his pen, the president just potentially invalidated a transcontinental data flow agreement between the US and EU which took years to negotiate. SOURCE: Engadget RSS Feed - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

What’s at Stake: The NEA and the Literary Ecosystem

As a poet I get it: talking about “literary infrastructure” is boring. Who wouldn’t rather talk about poets, poems, or aesthetic movements? When we start hearing a lot about the organizations dedicated to supporting authors, presses, and readings rather than the people making literature it probably means those organizations are threatened. Well, welcome to 2017! The nonprofit organization where I work, Small Press Distribution (SPD), was founded in 1968 but didn’t really get [Read Entire Story]

Trump appoints government regulation critic as FTC chairwoman

President Trump has appointed Maureen Ohlhausen as acting commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). For now, she'll be in charge of the agency that protects US consumers' safety and privacy, while guarding them from anti-competitive busines... SOURCE: Engadget RSS Feed - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Emperor Baby Fists’ boredom, anger & pettiness grows stronger every day

I haven’t watched cable news in months, mostly because I suspect all but a handful of commentators and journalists are working hard to normalize Emperor Baby Fists. Of course I follow the news, but at this point, I’m just reading the news because I don’t want to encounter Baby Fists’ voice or any of his struggle speeches. As I mentioned in my coverage of the inauguration, Emperor Baby Fists was and is SO MAD about the crowd size comparisons of his inauguration, especially compared to President [Read Entire Story]

Texas Radio Station Bans “Un-American” Madonna; Singer’s Fans Say Don’t Preach

A Texarkana classic hits radio station won’t be playing “Material Girl” anytime soon: HITS 105 has knocked Madonna off its playlist as “a matter of patriotism,” calling the singer’s Women’s March on Washington speech “un-American.” In a statement posted on the station’s Facebook page, general manager Terry Thomas said “Banning all Madonna songs at HITS 105 is not a matter of politics, it’s a matter of patriotism. It just [Read Entire Story]

The Steps We Take After Marching Matter Most

Reflecting on the Women’s March and what it means to shape the future of America with more than a single day of solidarity SOURCE: News - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

US law enforcement can’t ask companies to turn over foreign data

Microsoft has fought a long battle to prevent American law enforcement from demanding overseas data, but it can rest easy... at least, for now. A stalemate in a federal appeals court has upheld a July 2016 ruling that judges can't issue warrants for... SOURCE: Engadget RSS Feed - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

At Today’s White House Press Conference, the First Question Came From an Actual Fake News Site – Yes, you should be angry.

It’s a longstanding tradition that in White House Press conferences, after a statement form the Press Secretary, the first question goes to the Associated Press. The outlet is the world’s oldest and largest (as well as bipartisan) news gathering organization. At Sean Spicer’s first press conference Monday, though, it was the conservative tabloid the New York Post that was chosen to ask the first question. It, uh, did not go over super well. First Spicer Question From New York [Read Entire Story]

Is Melania Trump actually a sympathetic figure or not so much?

For the past year, it feels like everyone has been trying to figure out whether Melania Trump is actually a sympathetic figure, or if we should judge her solely by the fact that she married Donald Trump. I have sympathy for the fact that she really and truly did not want to be First Lady – she would have been perfectly happy as the trophy wife, a fake-billionaire’s third wife. She loves her son, she loves living in New York, she loves clothes and she loves going to parties, I would imagine. [Read Entire Story]

Readers Report: The Emperor’s New Clothes

A collection of short pieces written by Rumpus readers pertaining to the subject of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” We chose this subject in light of last Friday’s inauguration. Edited by Susan Clements. * * * “He’s naked!” I couldn’t hear him because he was yelling and shaking me at the same time. Ever been shaken by a White House Press Secretary? It makes listening difficult. “I don’t have time for this,” he said and before I could reply, he called for an intern to shake me [Read Entire Story]

Trump & His Team Are Having a Hard Time Getting Used to the Fact That We Actually Listen to Their Words

Throughout Donald Trump’s campaign, the discrepancy between his words and either his actions or just the facts of the universe—not “alternative facts,” mind you, because those don’t exist; those are called lies—seemed to know no bounds. Now that he’s taken office, well, was anyone really expecting that to change? While Trump himself generally chooses to just flat out deny things we have recorded evidence of him saying and doing, his team often goes the way of [Read Entire Story]

Ajit Pai confirmed as new head of the FCC

Just as expected, Ajit Pai has been named as the new chairman of the FCC, replacing the outgoing Tom Wheeler. Pai has worked at the FCC since May of 2012, when he was nominated by President Obama as the senior Republican party commissioner. In his ti... SOURCE: Engadget RSS Feed - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

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