The truth about Resting Bitch Face has finally been revealed

Now we know Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears PradaIf you know the feeling of being asked if you’re in a mood all too well, there’s a good chance you suffer with the affliction commonly known as Resting Bitch Face. The term describes a person who’s neutral expression is one that’s perceived as being grumpy, when really it’s just the way their face is and they’re really feeling quite happy today (although Miranda Priestly might be an exception). Or at least, they [Read Entire Story]

Pakistani Immigrant Goes to a Led Zeppelin Concert, Gets Inspired to Become a Musician & Then Sells 30 Million Albums

Salman Ahmad, the guitarist who founded the acclaimed Sufi rock band Junoon, has sold over 30 million albums worldwide, performed at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, and continued making music despite threats from The Taliban. He also teaches courses on Muslim music and poetry at Queens College of the City University of New York. Above, in a video produced by The Moth, the boundary-breaking musician recounts his inspirational life story. Born in Lahore, Pakistan, he moved to New York at the age [Read Entire Story]

Does being unpopular make you more successful in life?

Does the underdog always win? Ed Sheeran reckons that him and Taylor Swift‘s success is down to the fact that the pair were unpopular at school. See, every cloud… ‘There’s an underdog element to it,’ Ed Sheeran told GQ. ‘Taylor was never the popular kid in school. I was never the popular kid in school. Then you get to the point when you become the most popular kid in school – and we both take it a bit too far. She wants to be the biggest female artist in the [Read Entire Story]

This is apparently the average amount of partners you will have before settling down

And what age you should enjoy sex the most…A new study emerged today revealing how many sexual partners an average British woman has before settling down, and it has got everyone talking. According to the new research, the average British female will have sex with eight people before she finds the one and settles down. Yes, eight – and around half of those encounters will probably be one-night stands. The study featured 1,000 women in the UK, carried out to mark the DVD release of Bridget [Read Entire Story]

The 9 secrets of people who never get sick

We all know at least one – the friend who never cries off with a cold, who boasts about their robust immune system, and hasn’t taken a sick day in…ever. But how do they do it? Words by Rosie Benson Did you know that you will get around 200 colds in your lifetime? This explains why at this time of year UK office workers become obsessed with cold remedies and cures from downing vitamin C and Echinacea to hot lemon ginger tea (preferably with honey, right?). But while most of us sit hunched, [Read Entire Story]

Forget Tinder: here’s the latest gym craze for singles this Valentines day

This Valentines Day, London's singletons are opting for dumbells and protein shakes over cocktails and dinner. Call it a backlash against virtual dating sites like Tinder, but real-life hook ups are big this Valentines Day – and the gym is fast replacing your local as the place to do it. In response to a growing trend for sober dating, fitness guru Sapan Sehgal and his girlfriend Holiday Sidewinder (who met at the gym themselves and are living proof it works) have curated the UK’s first [Read Entire Story]

81-Year-Old Man Walks into a Guitar Shop & Starts Playing a Sublime Solo: Ignore the Talents of the Elderly at Your Own Peril

Last spring, I caught a Who concert in Oakland, California, on what happened to be songwriter/guitarist Pete Townshend’s 71st birthday. Five songs into their set, the band played “My Generation”–yes, the song best known for the line “I hope I die before I get old”–and I couldn’t help but think: Townshend’s playing with more inspiration now than when I first saw The Who play in 1982. Biologically, he’s supposed to be over the hill. Musically, he’s still playing a very fine rock guitar. The same [Read Entire Story]

The top tips you need to cut down sugar in 2017

Blogger Roxie Nafousi shares her top tips to beat the sugar cravings Roxie is a contributing writer for Marie Claire, blogger and ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation. Follow her on Instagram @roxienafousi to join her on her life journey… A lot of us see the New Year as a time to kick start a healthier, happier year ahead and with motivation being so strong, it is the best time to make some life changes. I’m not a big believer of FAD or extreme dieting and I don’t believe in depriving [Read Entire Story]

This is the part of your body you’re probably not cleaning enough

But REALLY should be Words – Stephanie Hallett You shower regularly, you know the ‘right way’ to wash your hair (although, is there really?), and you clean your face with a soap so specifically formulated to suit your skin, it’s like it came out of your mother’s womb with you. But did you know there’s a part of your body you’re probably not cleaning enough? We’re talking about your belly button, friends, and things need to change. As Teen Vogue first reported, the belly button — [Read Entire Story]

‘As a mother, what would you do?’ asks Princess Haya of Jordan

HRH Princess Haya bint al Hussein writes about what being a mother means to herWords by HRH Princess Haya bint al Hussein of Jordan ‘I recently attended a baby shower at which, among the gifts, the mother-to-be opened a greetings card like none I had ever seen before.  The front of the card was innocuous enough, with a photograph of a sleeping baby and a message, ‘A baby is God’s Sweetest Gift.’ Inside, the card had a button adorned with a picture of a musical note and marked, [Read Entire Story]

What It Means When I Say No

I am not saying it because I want to. It’s because I need to. SOURCE: News - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

This is how much money you should have saved by 30

HOW much?If your New Year’s resolution for 2017 is to be a little bit more frugal, then this news will definitely spur you on to fill that piggy bank to the brim (or, you know, just try to switch careers to one of the best paid jobs in the UK). Finance expert Kelly Smith, who writes for personal finance site The Penny Hoarder, told ATTN that you should already have a fair amount saved up by the time you’re 30 years old. The Late Show With Stephen Colbert GIF – Find & Share on [Read Entire Story]

The Discomfort Of Being Alone

I don’t want it to bother me, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t. SOURCE: News - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

You can now use mobile phone photos for your passport

Yes, really.It looks like our awkward photo booth days are behind us as it has been officially announced that photos taken on our phones can now be used for passports. That’s right, the Home Office has confirmed that when it comes to your passport, mobile phone snaps are now A-OK – on the condition that they are not selfies. ‘A “selfie” photograph is not allowed in a passport application,’ a spokesperson explained. ‘Customer guidance clearly says that “selfies” are not permitted and that the [Read Entire Story]

Easy Escapes: Bangkok, Thailand

Forget everything you've heard about hot, dusty, hectic Bangkok. We've found a hidden gemPoolside Restaurant, Sheraton Grande SukhumvitWords by Corinne Redfern WHY GO TO BANGKOK? In two words: Spring rolls. In a few more words: simply because – and despite its a long-standing reputation for hectic hustle and bustle – Bangkok is on track to becoming the Shoreditch of South East Asia. And you’re really going to want to get a head-start on where to go. Yep, while the sun may not have [Read Entire Story]

#CommuterProblems: What to Wear as a Commuter College Student

When I started applying to colleges my senior year of high school, the thing that got me through all the stress were visions of freedom— living on my own terms, far from home, having nobody's rules except my own (and maybe my potential RA), and being completely immersed in THE college ...Continue reading SOURCE: College Fashion - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

4 Reasons to Show Off Your Style Online This Year

For a few years now, I’ve been pining after the quirky, mysterious, poised gateways fashion blogging seems to open. Time and time again, I convinced myself that while my love for clothing was true, I was neither: a. experienced b. stylish or c. intelligent enough to start my own blog.But 2016 was a ...Continue reading SOURCE: College Fashion - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Your £2 coin could be worth more than you think if it has this mistake on it

You're going to want to check your change for this... We can’t keep up with English currency nowadays, with a new five pound note released just months ago and a brand new pound coin ready to go into circulation from March. Currency news got even crazier this month when it was announced that there were rare five pound notes in circulation with Jane Austen’s face on – worth a whopping £50,000. Yes, really. The latest currency news, however, came this week as we discovered that there’s a new [Read Entire Story]

This is when shops will stop accepting paper five pound notes

It's time to get shopping. Let’s face it, us Brits have not behaved in a cool and calm manner to news that we’re getting a new five pound note and the old paper five pound note will soon be going out of circulation. First we all got ourselves worked up after discovering that there were rare five pound notes amongst the first batch of new notes to be circulated, and that they were selling for hundreds and thousands of pounds. Then we were told that certain shops are refusing the new [Read Entire Story]

Loved up relationship selfies could be the sign of couple trouble

Yes, really. Relationship selfies, or ‘relfies’ as they have become known, are a modern phenomenon that we are all too familiar with. The ‘relfie’ is a way for couples to publicly showcase their ‘perfect’ relationships to friends and followers, often posting several each day with possessive captions like ‘my man’ and ‘my bae’. Valentine’s Day is naturally the point of relationship selfie climax and with February 14th in sight, we all need to prepare to be confronted by ‘relfies’ from every [Read Entire Story]

Why marching works: The women who marched and won in 2016

This Saturday, 21st January, women all over the world will descend on their city streets and march in their thousands for the first major demonstration of 2017. It comes after a year that saw street protests gain popularity across the world. Here's our pick of the best. Words by Kaya Windrich Its little surprise that so many millions across the world are taking to the streets this weekend. 2016 was a great year for protests. All over the world, from Iceland to Argentina, women made their voices [Read Entire Story]

My Body Is Not Sorry

I am 14 years old and my naked body has just been exposed on the internet. My nipples are teenage boys’ screen savers; my image is in the palms of their hands. I think about the mistakes that continue to haunt me. I have been naked in a crowded room. The shallows of my collarbones... Read more » SOURCE: News - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

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