‘Six strikes’ anti-piracy initiative comes to an end after being deemed a failure

The MPAA and RIAA are throwing in the towel for their so-called ‘six strikes’ initiative. The program — formally known as the Copyright Alert System — started in 2013 as a partnership between ISPs and copyright holders designed to scare off internet pirates. It didn’t work. As pirates were caught doing what they do best — downloading music, movies, and software — the MPAA and RIAA worked in conjunction with ISPs to send notices, known as ‘strikes.’ Each strike came with a penalty, of sorts, up [Read Entire Story]

When you subscribe to a VPN service, you get what you pay for

Today is Data Privacy Day. It’s a day when you’re encouraged to contemplate your relationships with the websites and services you use, and how you can ensure that going forward in 2017, you’re as secure as you possibly can be. It’s also a day when pundits and bloggers all fill your Twitter feed with what they think you should do. One morsel of advice that’s guaranteed to crop up is that you need a VPN, especially when you’re using an Internet connection you can’t personally vouch for. It’s valid [Read Entire Story]

Google just passed 3M businesses paying for G Suite

During its earnings call today, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced its paid platform of productivity tools, G Suite, had just passed three million users. For those keeping score at home, that means Google attracted a million new users since announcing in November 2015 that it broke the two million paid users barrier. Pichai attributed Google’s success to its ability to provide a secure platform accessible from any device. He also promised the continued expansion of the partner ecosystem and [Read Entire Story]

Inmoji lets anyone create clickable emoji ads that actually work

Emoji are weird. They’re more than just a set of cutsey images you stick at the end of a Slack message with your workmates. They’re something substantially more than the emoticons and glyphs of yesteryear. I suppose you could say they are essentially a kind of universal language we all can understand. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that someone would try to capitalize on this global phenomenon. Already, Emoji have been front-and-center in a number of advertising campaigns. Condom [Read Entire Story]

FlyHomes wants to give you $9,000 in Lyft credit for buying a house

Credit cards that give you bonuses – like cashback or air miles – whenever you spend money are nothing new. But they’re only ideal for day-to-day spending. They don’t work for big-ticket items like cars and houses. The median house price in Seattle is $609,100 (according to Zillow, at least). Can you imagine how many air miles or reward points you’d get if you bought that on a reward credit card? That’s basically what Seattle startup FlyHomes is doing. This company acts a bit like a traditional [Read Entire Story]

Tumblr ups it millenial cred with stickers and filters

It was only a matter of time: Tumblr has just added Stickers and filters to its photo uploader and GIF Maker. The company introduced a robust GIF creation tool back in 2015, and then added text overlays last year. Now you can spice your GIFs up even further with stickers too, bringing the network up to par with Snapchat, Whatsapp, Messenger and so many other social platforms. Frankly, it’s surprising it took this long, but I’m complaining; stickers are great. Tumblr is also differentiating [Read Entire Story]

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ confirmed as name for Episode VIII

Star Wars fans are getting an unexpected treat today. While no, there isn’t a trailer for the upcoming Episode VIII yet, we at least finally have a name. Get ready for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi.’ And that’s about all the announcement really says, other than hinting once more that it’s the “next film in the Skywalker Saga.” As we knew before, the movie is slated to be released on December 15, 2017. Of course, you can expect fans across the interwebs to analyze the title, logo, and couple of [Read Entire Story]

Snapchat is rolling out a UI revamp for its iOS app (and Android beta)

Snapchat is today rolling a substantial UI refresh on iOS in order to make it a bit easier to navigate and discover new content, as we first reported on a few days ago. The refresh is also available on Android if you’re part of the app’s beta community. One of the key changes is that there’s now a search bar atop every screen. It’s a small but important change that helps the app feel a little more cohesive. Wherever you are in the app, you can find new content or message your friends. It also [Read Entire Story]

This stream of YouTube videos with zero views will put a smile on your face

Having a rough day? Watching an endless stream on YouTube videos might just be the pick-me up you needed. Astronaut.io is a website that provides a virtually endless stream of random YouTube videos from around the world. But rather than a simple sequential mashup, the stream looks specifically for videos that exist on the border between mundane and interesting. As Wired points out, and algorithm searches for videos that have been uploaded within the past week, have zero views, and use generic [Read Entire Story]

4 must-have courses that will launch your white hat hacking career

Setting yourself up as an IT security expert is a fast track to star status on the tech landscape — with a nice paycheck, to boot. Becoming an ethical hacker may still be misunderstood by many, but for those in the know, you’ll be a good guy fighting on the side of the righteous… which is why we want to offer a few options for you to pick up this much-needed training from TNW Deals. Complete White Hat Hacking and Penetration Testing Bundle If you want the complete overview of all things hacking, [Read Entire Story]

Apple sues Qualcomm for 1 billion, citing shady business practices

Apple is onto its next big legal feud: Qualcomm. The company today filed a $1 billion lawsuit against giant the chipmaker, according to CNBC. The lawsuit claims that Qualcomm withheld payments from Apple for licensing some of its patented technology in exchange for using its wireless modems. The Apple suit comes right after a similar one by the Federal Trade Commission claiming Qualcomm was using monopoly tactics. Though Qualcomm is best known for its Snapdragon chips that dominate the Android [Read Entire Story]

Guide companies through seismic business shifts with this change management training

In an era of hyper-charged buyouts and turn-on-a-dime pivots, understanding how to maneuver a company through such a transition is an art in itself. You can learn what it takes to guide a business through potentially rocky times with this ultra-timely Change Management Foundation and Practitioner Exam training. Master this under-appreciated and under-represented discipline with this instruction package available now for $39 from TNW Deals. Part psychology, part behavioral science, and part [Read Entire Story]

Learn all the tricks that savvy pros use to grow their businesses for under $30

Growth hacking has everything to do with knowing how to play the game smart. And with this package of Growth Hacker Mastery courses, you’ll have the “insider” knowledge to set your business sales on fire in a short amount of time. This complete package of growth hacking coursework is on sale at only $29.99 from TNW Deals. If you’re unfamiliar with growth hacking, it’s about utilizing fast-striking experimentation to correctly gauge, then expand product development and business growth at an [Read Entire Story]

Hacker snatches 900GB of data from pay-for-hire phone-hacking agency

In an unusual episode of bullies turned into victims, an anonymous hacker has breached a popular pay-for-hire mobile hacking agency known for selling surveillance and data extraction solutions to intelligence and law enforcement organs. Motherboard reports the vigilante attacker has lifted 900GB of data from Israeli firm Cellebrite and provided the publication with a copy of the stolen information. The retrieved data includes customer credentials, databases and immense amounts of technical data [Read Entire Story]

Meet the Chrome Extension that auto-magically helps dodge 404 error pages

Companies regularly update their wesbites. I’m not just talking about the content, but also the underlying structure of the website. A consequence of this is that websites and articles often fall into the cracks. They were there one day, and then the next, they aren’t. A great way to find missing page content is with the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. Since the mid 1990’s, this service has retained snapshots of webpages, allowing ordinary people to go back and look at them. It is the [Read Entire Story]

Nintendo switches on Switch pre-orders

Following up on its full reveal a few hours ago, Nintendo’s new portable and home console hybrid, the Switch, is now available for pre-order. There are a few sources available. The grey versions are available at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Target, while the neon version with the red and blue Joy-Cons are available from Best Buy and Target. At the time of writing, Amazon and Walmart are already sold out, though there’s a chance that’s a temporary issue with the first influx of buyers. [Read Entire Story]

5 inspiring reads for aspiring entrepreneurs: top tech CEOs tip top books

The best books you’ll read are typically recommended by people you like or admire. Which is why we’re partnering up with bookshelf.tips to do a monthly roundup of short book recommendations from the apex of the tech world. Bookshelf.tips asked entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other visionaries share stories about books that changed their life or the way they do business – in less than 50 words, because we know you’re busy people (but hopefully not too busy to read these books). To kick off this monthly [Read Entire Story]

Good news: Samsung reportedly not killing the Galaxy S8’s headphone jack

Most rumors about Samsung’s imminent Galaxy S8 have suggested the phone will forego the headphone jack, a la Apple and some of its Android competition (looking at you HTC). Now it seems those rumors may be wrong. Both Sammobile and Android Police are today reporting that Samsung is not actually killing the headphone jack. Sammobile, appears to be retracting its own report last month suggesting the jack would be dropped thanks to recent case renders, while Android Police has independently [Read Entire Story]

Amazon launches a $5 anime streaming service for Prime subscribers

Amazon has launched Anime Strike, a new branded channel that will let you stream anime shows and movies on-demand for $5 a month. It’s only available to Prime subscribers in the US for now. Anime Strike joins the company’s lineup of add-on Channels that you can subscribe to for a monthly fee and stream through Amazon Video. It’s the first of Amazon’s own channels; the others on the platform include Showtime, Starz, Tribeca Shortlist, Seeso and HBO. The new channel offers a range of content with [Read Entire Story]

French car manufacturer Renault to buy failed ridesharing startup

A few months ago, we reported on the collapse of Karhoo – a fledgling ride sharing startup that served the New York and London area. The company failed after it ran out of cash. By some estimates, it burned through an impressive $250 million funding round (although some sources say the real figure was lower) in 18 months, leaving in its wake a mountain of unpaid salaries and bills. In the startup world, it’s rare that you get a second chance. But here we are with French car manufacturer Renault [Read Entire Story]

Nokia teases yet another Android phone in a cryptic Facebook post

Nokia is finally getting busy. Shortly after announcing plans to launch its first Android handset later this year, it appears the Finnish company has more surprises in store – and quite possibly another smartphone on the way. In a new Facebook post teasing the arrival of its forthcoming Nokia 6, the company dropped a cryptic clue suggesting “more announcements” will follow on February 26. While the date coincides with the start of Mobile World Congress, the phone-maker has refused to give out [Read Entire Story]

5 search engine optimization trends for 2017

With every passing year, search engine portals develop new algorithms and rules with the hope of combating spam links and people trying to play the system. These new rules set by Google, Bing etc. means that every webmaster must stay abreast to the ever changing SEO landscape in order to help clients meet their search based targets. According to Jayson DeMers, the new year offers a great opportunity for everyone to adjust their SEO strategy and here are some tips on how it can be done. 1. Take [Read Entire Story]

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