Scientific Paper Graph Quality

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Love x Destiny – The Ship That Sails Off-Course

I’ve been catching up with Kiss Him, Not Me and the story took a surprisingly dark turn in a series that’s been mostly comedic. The arc before Kae Serinuma’s penultimate boyfriend decision further highlighted the obsession with appearance, which was already a focus due to the main character’s weight fluctuation. A common anime/manga trope of the childhood friend is used to demonstrate that friends don’t always know best.Where to start with this arc? It introduced a new guy as the latest threat [Read Entire Story]

JoT #2474: The ads are snitching on us!

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WBTV & DCE Announce New Live-Action Series ‘Metropolis’ For DC-Branded Digital Service

Art via DC Entertainment Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment today announced that Gotham executive producers John Stephens and Danny Cannon will explore the world of Metropolis in an all-new live-action drama series to air exclusively on the upcoming DC-branded direct-to-consumer digital service, operated by Warner Bros. Digital Networks. Metropolis has received a direct-to-series order for a first season of 13 episodes and will go into production later this year for a debut on the [Read Entire Story]

Reviews: Three Rooms in Valerie’s Head

Three Rooms in Valerie’s Head, David Gaffney, Dan Berry, Top Shelf “Valerie’s mind had three rooms: a front, a back and a cellar. If there was something she didn’t want to think about at a particular moment she would move it into the back. Then she could concentrate on playing the accordion. Or explaining her job to her mother. The problem was the cellar.” I’ve been rather looking forward to reading Gaffney and Berry’s new book from Top Shelf, the [Read Entire Story]

Red Robot’s Inner Life

Tonight's comic thinks you'd be happier if you were nicer. SOURCE: Diesel Sweeties webcomic by rstevens - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Giant Days for John Allison

Another issue of Giant Days (BOOM! Studios) is here! Written and created by John Allison (Bad Machinery, Scary Go Round), pencils by Max Sarin, inks by Liz Fleming, and colors by Whitney Cogar, Giant Days #33 continues the adventures of Esther, Daisy, and Susan. In this latest installment, the latter two make the mistake of the century by leaving Esther to purchase her dream home, under considerable pressure and with little time. Allison’s award-nominated comic series continues to please [Read Entire Story]

Cole Sprouse Will Tap Into His Romantic Side For His Return To The Big Screen

Cole Sprouse will star in 'Five Feet Apart' for the first movie in his adult career. SOURCE: Movies – News - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Puzzle Fighter gets Platinum Leagues

Competition has been fierce in Puzzle Fighter since our launch, with players battling to reach and then dominate the Gold, Super Gold and Ultra Gold Leagues. Those that looked would have seen another level of excellence, not yet ready to be released. [Read Entire Story]

Number 2131: Brothers with wings

I skipped over the dinosaur/ World War II combat stories DC did in the sixties. DC made a regular series of the idea. “The War That Time Forgot” was the overall name of the individual stories, and they must’ve appealed to many readers, because they kept churning them out. Despite my opinion other comic buyers thought differently enough to keep buying them. Because I didn’t buy them I missed artists like Russ Heath, who wasn’t concerned with how screwy the plot, he just turned in his usual [Read Entire Story]

“Grandville: Force Majeure”

The latest in the ambitious series of anthropomorphic steampunk graphic novels is another fine showcase for Bryan Talbot’s talents as an artist and a world-builder; but despite being as joyful to read as any previews Inspector LeBrock adventure, there’s a lack of thematic effort which make this book feels somewhat shallow by comparison. By focusing more on sly references and the closing of previously established plotlines, this swansong that never quite reaches the heights of [Read Entire Story]


TOYSREVIL: How was 2017 for you? Share with us your most triumphant moment in 2017. What did you find the most disappointed of 2017?ZECTRON: "My favourite release of 2017 was The Lost City of Gold set. For me it was a pretty big deal to be able to combine an Unbox vinyl creature I made along with an indie Japanese vinyl piece and getting it all painted by Joe Whiteford who is not only a good SOURCE: #TOYSREVIL - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Giulio Macaione’s ALICE: FROM DREAM TO DREAM is coming from Boom!

The Boom! Box line is expanding this September with ALICE: FROM DREAM TO DREAM by Giulio Macaione (Basilicò), a new original graphic novel. Meet Alice, a girl who has to share a bedroom with her brother after her family moves to Cincinnati. But that’s not the worst part: she’s also sharing his dreams. Along with her […] SOURCE: The Beat - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

strip for January / 30 / 2018 – Kale

Kale Jump to a Random Strip in the Archives! | Buy This Original Art | Archives | E-mail Dave SOURCE: Sheldon® Comic Strip: Daily webcomic by Dave Kellett - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

New Ant-Man and the Wasp Action Figures and Role Play Masks Coming From Hasbro

The countdown has begun for Marvel Studios’ “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” on the heels of the exciting first trailer for the film debuting, leading up to the film’s July 6 debut. As fans eagerly await that date, they’ll have the chance to pick up new Ant-Man and the Wasp toys from Hasbro. Check out the gallery below to see some of the new action figures and role play items that will be released this spring, allowing fans to bring the adventures of Scott Lang and Hope van [Read Entire Story]

‘Bad Boys 3’ Eyes New Directors

'Bad Boys for Life' would reunite Will Smith and Martin more SOURCE: Heat Vision - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Night Sky

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the anti logging on facebook activist has logged on

archive - contact - sexy exciting merchandise - search - about← previousJanuary 22nd, 2018nextJanuary 22nd, 2018: GUESS WE'RE ALL STUCK WITH OUR IDENTITIES FROM WHENEVER WE SIGNED UP FOR FACEBOOK FOR NOW, HUH– Ryan SOURCE: Dinosaur Comics! - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Legend of the Zilligog

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My New Home Girl and Yours

“It is my duty to nurture the light that shines within home.”For as long as I remembered, I enjoyed doing chores as a kid. I would do them to gain allowance from my parents. My mother prided herself as someone who makes sure home was perfect in her eyes. She was literally the head of the household. I’ve taken her pride as my own as I like to clean and cook as much as she does. Chores are a pain to many living a busy lifestyle, but a certain female character in one of manga’s recent hits gives [Read Entire Story]

JoT #2486: The Magical Mystery Pod!

It's the roll out of the Magical Mystery Pod, and it's hoping you'll take it away! SOURCE: The Joy of Tech - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Best Master Gundam Model to Have in Your Collection

Gundam is something that I have been into for years and that is the reason I want to share with my views on […] The post Best Master Gundam Model to Have in Your Collection appeared first on Giant Freakin Robot. SOURCE: Giant Freakin Robot - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

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