Study: More Than Twice As Many Students Are Paying Attention To Political News Than In 2014

Students felt, even in their short lives, news had changed. Part of it’s the Trump effect, but I think it’s really that the Parkland generation is paying attention. They have an issue. I can’t tell you how many times school shootings came up. It’s definitely on their minds. They’re going to hear about it on their phones. The 24-hour news cycle has spun out of control to this hyper-velocity model that’s coming at them. The technology feeds them these stories in [Read Entire Story]

Three vintage illustrations from the 70s

These three vintage pieces from the late 70s - which I did as illustrations for a privately printed book and which were sold at the Pike Place Market in Seattle while I was an art student at the University of Washington School of Art in Seattle (1977-1981) -- are being sold directly by the owner.Anyone interested? Send me a note and I will put you in direct touch with her... SOURCE: Daily Campello Art News - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Qatar dynasty’s collection of jewels and antiquities will be shown in the heart of Paris

The Al-Thani collection to be displayed at revamped Hôtel de la Marine over 20 years, in a deal that will help fund the building’s restoration SOURCE: The Art Newspaper - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Pricing Your Artwork Through Your Mid-Career Phase: A Few Thoughts

Art fairs, as a model of selling (not just presenting) artwork, have taken a bit of a beating in the press lately. First there was this in a New York Time's piece titled "At Art Fairs, Keep an Open Mind, but Watch the Wallet":But Lisa Schiff, an international art adviser who has consulted for the actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation, takes a different view. “I don’t like fairs because it’s a pileup of merchandise,” she said.Ms. Schiff cautioned collectors, particularly new ones, not to buy at [Read Entire Story]

The Artist as Lawyer, an Interview with Sergio Sarmiento about Art Law

The world of art has become more complicated as copyright, appropriation, and other issues force artists, dealers, collectors, and others to turn to lawyers for help. As foibles around the sale and maintenance of luxury art objects grab media headlines, you might be fooled into believing the future of art is in litigation. I invited Sergio Sarmiento to join me to talk about the evolving world of art law and discuss why he went to law school as an art project, what he thinks about some recent [Read Entire Story]

Licking Our Plate

I see plate-licking almost every day, which delights me because I do the cooking. (I will not consider the possibility that anything in front of this one would be equally licked.) For “plate,” you may substitute “platter,” “bowl,” even “charger.” SOURCE: ArtsJournal - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Hirshhorn Elects Two New Trustees

The addition of Disaphol Chansiri of Bangkok and Steven M. Sumberg of Washington, D.C., brings the total membership of the board to 33. Under Hirshhorn Director Melissa Chiu, the board has seen its fastest growth in the museum's history, with 27 new additions in the past four years alone."Disaphol and Steve bring unique and rich perspectives, which will help us to grow our international engagement," said Board Chair Daniel H. Sallick. "Their collective contributions both nationally and [Read Entire Story]

Artists Stage a Contemporary Art “Black Market” in Tokyo

Illustration by LIE FUJISHIRO TOKYO — On July 21 and 22, the art collective Chaos Lounge held the first Contemporary Art Black Market at the “art factory” BUCKLE KÔBÔ in Tokyo. The event was organized to address an existential question that haunts Japanese artists: Is art possible when there’s only a limited domestic market to support it? Indeed, Japan’s art market is severely underdeveloped in comparison to that of China, Britain, or the United States, representing about one percent of the [Read Entire Story]

Remembering The Now-Gone Music Stores On NYC’s 48th Street

Forty-eighth Street was once famous for stores that sold musical instruments. Those stores catered to musicians of every stripe, but the vibe was very rock and roll. The names that stand out for me are Manny’s and Sam Ash, but there were several others, packed together, one next to the other, each a world unto itself. In my own private atlas of the city, that street was also notable for the degree its character changed in the course of one block, from Seventh Avenue to Sixth Avenue. The music [Read Entire Story]

Artist Talk and Ice Cream Party

SOURCE: Daily Campello Art News - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Closing Reception for "Statistics of Hope" (and a breif presentations by yours truly)

Statistics of Hope, a collaborative exhibition by Ghost of a Dream and Jennifer Dalton, explores chance, risk, hope, and truth through an interactive installation inviting viewers to explore the extent to which the odds of health, love and success are in their favor. Please join us on the last hour of the last day of the exhibition as three fascinating speakers contextualize and broaden the major themes of the exhibition with brief presentations. And if you haven't seen the show, Sunday [Read Entire Story]

Brooklyn’s Soldier Angel Inspires a Monument to Resistance

Installation view of Nicole Awai’s “Persistent Resistance of the Liquid Land” (2018) in the Alchemy exhibition at BRIC House (photo © Jason Wythe) With Nicole Awai’s “Persistent Resistance of the Liquid Land” (2018) the viewer is offered a visually captivating installation plus the story of how the artist came to conceptualize the piece — which makes seeing it a doubly rich experience. “Persistent Resistance” is only one of the pieces in a show of seven artists titled Alchemy, currently on [Read Entire Story]

Armory Week in New YorkMarch 8 – 11, 2018

One of the biggest art fair weeks of the year for New York City. This year, nine art fairs plus the New York Antiquarian Book Fair will be open. Here's a quick guide to what's going on March 8-11. The Armory Show is located at Piers 92 & 94. It features over 200 galleries, artist commissions (we really like the work of French photographer JR. His work will be displayed near the entrance of The Armory Show) and public programs. [Read Entire Story]

Did Telling Stories Help Us To Evolve As Humans?

Anthropologists have long theorized that humans developed "moralistic high-gods" as a way of promoting shared norms and prosocial behaviors. What is religion, after all, but a patchwork quilt of stories reminding humans how to behave—and, more importantly, how not to behave? But religion is thought to have emerged only with the advent of agriculture and large-scale, politically complex human settlements. SOURCE: ArtsJournal - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

How Digital Art Reaches Parts of Cuba that Lack Internet Access

Still from Julia Weist and Nestor Siré, “Holguín (BABALAWO)” (2016) (courtesy the artists) Every week, a one-terabyte collection of media files known as El Paquete Semanal (“The Weekly Package”) makes its way across Cuba via networks of person-to-person file sharing. It’s considered by many to be a workaround for the island’s relative lack of internet access. A typical edition features between 15,000 and 18,000 files including everything from videos of soap [Read Entire Story]

Window Cleaner Rushes To Save Banksy Mural After It Had Been Painted Over

"I was just going to bed when I'd seen that it had been painted over, and someone had said it was still wet," he said. "Banksy, love him or hate him, has international prestige and he'd gifted the city with his art." The window cleaner already had his ladders and other equipment prepared for his Monday morning shift, so he headed straight to the bridge in an attempt to save the mural. SOURCE: ArtsJournal - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

A Performance Inspired by Minimalist Composer Julius Eastman Misses the Mark

LaMont Hamilton during his performance of “Evil Nigger: A Five-Part Performance for Julius Eastman” (all images by the author for Hyperallergic) The start of the performance “Evil Nigger: A Five-Part Performance for Julius Eastman” at the Kitchen seemed promising: we were led to our seats in almost complete darkness in groups of four by ushers holding flashlights. I sat in the front row. The performance, conceived, directed, and performed by Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste and [Read Entire Story]

UK Government: Foreign Languages Versus Arts Education

Under their model, “modern foreign languages teaching hours are increased at the expense of subjects other than biology, chemistry, classics, English, geography, history, mathematics, and physics teaching hours”. Consequently, 51,000 more curriculum hours are being planned for languages by 2022, which is to be achieved, in part, by cutting hours for art & design, design & technology, drama and music by a collective 19,000 hours. SOURCE: ArtsJournal - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Censorship as False Morality

The most recent attempt at art censorship comes from a petition started by someone named Mia Merrill who complained about a Balthus painting at the Met titled Thérèse Dreaming. I suggest that Ms. Merrill next task should be to have Nabokov’s Lolita removed from libraries and burned.Notice the progression of her argument—it begins with the image and its description. Then, she makes a judgment about Balthus’ personal life, and ends with the main reason of why the painting should be removed.Read [Read Entire Story]

Iron Age Temple in Syria Devastated by Turkish Air Raids

Temple complex of Ain Dara, photographed after being hit by Turkish air strikes (image courtesy the Syrian Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums) Air raids by Turkish warplanes on the Kurdish-held enclave of Afrin in northern Syria have partially destroyed the ancient temple complex of Ain Dara, renowned for its finely carved reliefs. Built in the iron age by the Arameans, sometime between the 10th and 8th centuries BCE, the site is also notable for its structural similarities to King [Read Entire Story]

Director of Development – Florida Grand Opera

An accomplished fundraiser and exemplary leader, the Director of Development (DoD) will manage all fundraising programs for FGO, creating and executing plans for maximizing contributed revenue. The DoD reports to and partners with the General Director and works closely with the board development committee to increase philanthropic support. As an integral member of the senior management team, the DoD will play an active role as a thought-partner in planning for the organization's overall [Read Entire Story]

Coriana Simon at Artists & Makers

SOURCE: Daily Campello Art News - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

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