CEP: Drawing the Target Around the Arrow

Caroline Polachek—of the recently-disbanded synth-pop outfit Chairlift—has characterized her forays into sine-wave synth composition as a recuperative process, “an ear break from working on whatever I was working on.” Drawing the Target Around the Arrow, released under her initials, CEP, collects eighteen of these sparse instrumental tracks, recorded between 2012 and 2016. Polachek’s songwriting for Chairlift and solo projects like Ramona Lisa often skews dreamy and ornate, sometimes edging into [Read Entire Story]

Steven Warwick: Nadir

“Why so sad?/Don’t feel so bad/Get out of bed,” Steven Warwick tunelessly sings over gutted synths and a plodding drum machine on “Get It Together,” the bleak ode to something resembling self-care that introduces Nadir. This half-hearted plea offers quite the starting point: climbing, out of absolute necessity and with little fanfare, from a very low place. The UK-born, Berlin-based Warwick has performed with Luke Younger (aka Helm) in the duo Birds of Delay and, more recently, solo as Heatsick; [Read Entire Story]

ADR: Throat

As half of Gatekeeper, Aaron David Ross produced dizzying, over-the-top synth experiments, full of conceptual knots. His 2015 solo release under the name ADR was similarly dense, an exploration of life within networks that mimicked the spiraling disjunct of online life. With THROAT, he delivers something more distilled. Maybe the most conventionally listenable release of his career, its smoother productions serve as subtler—even insidious—vehicles for his ideas about communication and [Read Entire Story]

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