Stuff (& Possibly Nonsense) #172

It’s Friday again and that means time for Richard and Joe to update you with some news and links spotted over the last few days with another Stuff (& Possibly Nonsense)! Shazam! Trailer drops The trailer for DC’s forthcoming Shazam movie (or simply Captain Marvel as he is to those of us of a certain age) hit the web, and it looks like it is striving to keep the delight and fun of the Big Red Cheese. So looking forward to this one, I have such a tremendous soft spot for Captain [Read Entire Story]

Reviews: claustrophobic horror in It Lives

It Lives (aka Twenty-Twenty Four), Directed by Richard Mundy, Starring Andrew Kinsler, Peter McCrohon, Second Sight Roy (Andrew Kinsler) is a scientist, although sometimes in his unusual job he feels less like a qualified scientist and more like a hi-tech janitor. Roy’s job? Maintaining the systems in a deep subterranean bunker, a technological refuge for the super-rich to escape to in case of global catastrophe, societal meltdown or any other huge disaster, a place for the 1% to ride out [Read Entire Story]

Reviews: Three Rooms in Valerie’s Head

Three Rooms in Valerie’s Head, David Gaffney, Dan Berry, Top Shelf “Valerie’s mind had three rooms: a front, a back and a cellar. If there was something she didn’t want to think about at a particular moment she would move it into the back. Then she could concentrate on playing the accordion. Or explaining her job to her mother. The problem was the cellar.” I’ve been rather looking forward to reading Gaffney and Berry’s new book from Top Shelf, the [Read Entire Story]

Glasgow Film Festival unveils 2018 line-up

The 2018 line-up for the Glasgow Film Festival was unveiled this evening, running from February 21st to March 4th and encompassing some 330 separate events. Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy star Karen Gillan will be present for the premiere of her new film (and directorial debut), The Party’s Just Beginning, not a fantastic genre offering, but it’s Karen so I am sure lots of fans will want to support her (David Tennant will also be attending for the premiere of his new romcom [Read Entire Story]

Reviews: Downtown Detroit with Abbott

Abbott #1, Saladin Ahmed, Sami Kivela, Jason Wordie, Boom Studios (cover artwork by Taj Tenfold) Detroit, simmering in 1972, tensions between white and black at boiling point, stoked to an even higher pitch by racist police brutality (thank goodness none of this happening today, eh? Oh, wait…). “White flight” sees lots of better off white people leaving for suburbia, depressing the city even further (more closed stores, fewer tax payers so fewer services, a vicious circle) and [Read Entire Story]

Reviews: haunted grief in The Unseen

The Unseen, Directed by Gary Sinyor, Starring Jasmine Hyde, Richard Flood, Simon Cotton A horror film from the director of Leon the Pig Farmer, something of an unusual and quirky Brit film gem? Yes, that got my attention. Gemma (Jasmine Hyde) and Will have a seemingly ideal life – a gorgeous home, a lovely wee boy, decent, comfortable income. But the worst possible pain is visited upon them – their little lad is killed in a freak accident, leaving husband and wife bereft, both [Read Entire Story]

Awards: the Razzies nominees are out!

We’re well into the swing of awards season, but there is one gong that most artists dread winning rather than covet, and that is the famous Golden Raspberries, or Razzies, given out for the most incredibly pants films of the year just gone (motto “Own your bad”). Much as I adore our beloved fantastical genres, I have to admit that they have had more than their fair share of Razzies over the years, and indeed are prominent again this year. Those Razzie Nominations in [Read Entire Story]

Space Precinct Reloaded – signing in FP Belfast!

Gerry Anderson’s creations have entertained and delighted generations of kids, both his pioneering Supermarionation puppet shows and his live action sci-fi series, always with fabulous designs (that made oh such equally fabulous toys!). For many of us that love of all things Anderson is still built into us as adults, and for Forbidden Planet Belfast’s Connor Flanagan it’s now lead to him being a part of that history, as artist on a comics return of Anderson’s Space [Read Entire Story]

Brit Comics Rock – Graphic Novels Coming From UK Publishers in 2017

While December and early January tend to be where we run our Best of the Year series from guests and the blog crew, looking back (see here for our 2016 choices), later January is where we look forward with out annual Brit Comics Rock – a wee taster of some of the graphic novels coming from UK publishers in the year ahead. Of course it isn’t entirely comprehensive – many publishers have only the first part of the year’s schedules ironed out, some dates may be rough and [Read Entire Story]

Stuff (& Possibly Nonsense) #96

It’s that time of the week once more for our quick-hit round up of news and links and bits and pieces spotted over the last few days: The much-respected publisher Humanoids, well known for bringing us translations of some top European works, has revealed a new logo for it’s Metal imprint, the brand created back in 1974 along with the iconic Metal Hurlant journal, founded by Moebius, Druillet and Dionnet. “Since the 70s, METAL has been part of worldwide pop culture. It has [Read Entire Story]

Reviews: Octavia Butler’s powerful Kindred gets the graphic treatment

Kindred, Octavia Butler, Damian Duffy, John Jennings, Abrams ComicArts The late Octavia Butler has, for me, been one of our most fascinating science fiction writers – the first SF author to win a coveted MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship, winner of Hugo and Nebula awards and more, and with a body of work that still commands much study and discussion in academia and a lasting influence on readers and other writers (this adaptation comes with a touching foreword by Nnedi Okorafor [Read Entire Story]

Reviews: The Facts of Life

The Facts of Life, Paula Knight, Myriad Editions Polly (essentially an avatar for author Paula herself) and April are bestest friends, two little girls growing up in the Britain of the 1970s, a very different time in many respects from today. As the play innocently and chat we see not just the simple delights of children happily doing what kids do, but we also start to see how, even at this early stage of development, certain ideas and norms start to impose themselves into their young lives. [Read Entire Story]

Reviews: 4 Kids Walk into a Bank

4 Kids Walk into a Bank #1, Matthew Rosenberg, Tyler Boss, Black Mask Studios I’ll admit that I picked the first issue of this new series up from this week’s new releases partly because I liked the cool, simple but really effective graphics of Boss’s cover (I know, don’t judge by covers and all that, but they are important in catching readers’ eyes, especially with a new series and in a visual medium, after all), and because I read scribe Matthew Rosenberg’s [Read Entire Story]

Stuff (& Possibly Nonsense) #95

Yes, it’s Friday again and that means time for our weekly quick-hit news and links round up of bits and pieces we’ve spotted over the week: The Leicester Comic Con is GO!!! The convention will take place across June the 3rd and 4th this summer – they’re already posting away on their Facebook page, check it out for more details. And since we’re talking conventions, it’s a good time to remind everyone in and around Edinburgh that the not-for-profit Capital [Read Entire Story]

Reviews: life after the superspy – Felix Leiter #1

Felix Leiter #1, James Robinson, Aaron Campbell, Dynamite (cover artwork by Mike Perkins and Andy Taylor) Dynamite has been going great guns with their recent James Bond series of comics (see here for a review of the first issue of the Andy Diggle and Luca Casalanguida’s Hammerhead series), now they expand a little laterally to take in one of the long-running characters from the universe of Bond, Felix Leiter. As an old Bond fan it’s good to see Leiter being given his own moment to [Read Entire Story]

Stuff (& Possibly Nonsense) #94

It’s that time of the week once more for our quick-hit roundup of news and links spotted over the last few days: The awards no-one really wants to win, the Golden Raspberry Awards, have a shortlist up and, oh dear, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is dominating it so far, with nominations in every category except Worst Actress and Worst Supporting Actress. Compounding possible Razzies gloom for DC’s film ambitions, Suicide Squad has several noms as well. The final shortlist will [Read Entire Story]

Reviews: He is the Law (sort of) – Scotland Yardie

Scotland Yardie, Bobby Joseph, Joseph Samuels, Knockabout Concise, spoiler-free review: insanely funny with a nice line in social commentary and multiple cultural references throughout. On and insanely funny. Yes, I know I said that already, but I haven’t laughed this much since I had a Space Hopper full of nitrous oxide to play with… Okay, a bit more detail, perhaps? When I first heard this book was in the works I really wasn’t sure what to expect at all, I knew very little [Read Entire Story]

Reviews: “who the hell is Vera Pike?” – The Can Opener’s Daughter

The Can Opener’s Daughter, Rob Davis, SelfMadeHero “I thought boys were great. I wanted to punch every one of their cheeky little faces till they bled. Well, that’s what I thought I wanted to do to them.” Here’s a book I have been eagerly waiting to get my ink-stained paws on, the follow-up to the frankly brilliant Motherless Oven (reviewed here by Richard) by Rob Davis. Where the first volume focused on Scarper Lee, the schoolboy whose Death Day was fast [Read Entire Story]

Reviews: Rocket Raccoon #1

Rocket Raccoon #1, Matthew Rosenberg, Jorge Coelho, Marvel (cover artwork by David Nakayama) If you’ve not been following the earlier storyline in which the Guardians of the Galaxy lost their ship in a battle on Earth, then split acrimoniously, worry not, the brief intro provided in the first page of this first issue of our favourite gun-obsessed space rodent brings you sufficiently up to speed to dive in here. Briefly Rocket is stranded on Earth with no way off-planet, and he hates it. [Read Entire Story]

Best of the Year 2016 – Joe’s picks

Finally and belatedly after everyone else’s Best Of picks (see here for the previous Best Of posts for 2016), I managed to get my own choices finished. As usual I’ve probably picked too many, but then again it was another year of some wonderful reading and viewing and it was hard to winnow the list down even this far. So for what they are worth, here are the comics and graphic novels, books and films that I most enjoyed over the last twelve months: Comics & Graphic Novels One [Read Entire Story]

Stuff (& Possibly Nonsense #93)

Time for our first weekly news and links round up of the year…. Tripwire reports that Blade Runner 2049, the (rather belated) sequel to the early 80s science fiction classic, has a large chunk of coverage in Entertainment Weekly, including a bunch of pics from the film, which is due this autumn. Okay, here are two of my favourite things coming together rather nicely – artwork by the brilliant Chris Riddell, inspired by Ursula Le Guin’s astonishing Left Hand of Darkness, [Read Entire Story]

We lost our princess

A few days ago we were all horrified to hear that Carrie Fisher had been stricken by a major heart attack on her flight home; we all worried that this seemingly cursed year 0f 2016 was going to strike again, but we hoped. And then tonight the bitter news that after several days in hospital, we had lost Carrie. From wonderful cult classics like The Blues Brothers to Star Wars to her writing (including some very frank and candid writing on the problems she had to deal with), Carrie earned a place [Read Entire Story]

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