Floyd Mayweather Sucks at Basketball, Cries About It

Floyd Mayweather is arguably the greatest boxer of all-time. Too bad punching people in the face doesn’t help you on the basketball court. Well, most of the time. Participating in a celebrity game, Mayweather tried to show off his silky smooth jump shot. He did everything right. He had the ball, he saw the hoop, he tried to score. One problem. This was my highlight from yesterday’s @monsterenergy @outbreakpresents @50kcharitychallenge BLOCKING @floydmayweather my first 10 seconds in [Read Entire Story]

Jimmy Garoppolo Is Keeping Up With Porn Star Kiara Mia

Jimmy Garoppolo was supposed to be the heir apparent to Tom Brady in New England. He was shipped to San Francisco and is now doing his best Brady impression on the West Coast. To start, he’s dating a supermodel. And by supermodel, I mean porn star. Go watch this scene on my premium Snapchat ! You don’t want to miss it !! click the link in my Bio —-> http://keepingupwithkiaramia.com A post shared by Kiara Mia (@theonlykiaramia) on Jul 16, 2018 at 8:06pm PDT A’int no [Read Entire Story]

Kneeling in the NFL Is Worse Than Sexual Assault

The Miami Dolphins plan to take further action against those who dare kneel during the National Anthem. According to the Associated Press, the Dolphins may suspend players for taking a knee while someone butchers the anthem. Players can be suspended for up to four games. Let’s update our “NFL Suspensions” Big Board: – Potentially deflating footballs in a game you would won by 20: four-game suspension – Kneeling during the National Anthem to protest violence against [Read Entire Story]

Megyn Kelly Is Pissed That Katie Couric Got a Job That Kelly Didn’t Want

The Winter Olympics are set to kick off on Feb. 9. Brush up on your curling knowledge, Americans. NBC is the television host for Winter Olympics coverage. Mike Tirico will be the lead sports host, but the lead sports host is always joined by a known NBC talking head. This year, that talking head is Katie Couric, who replaces Matt Lauer as the lead anchor who acts like they understand what’s going on, but knows nothing. And this pisses Megan Kelly off. Maybe. According to a Page Six source, [Read Entire Story]

Gigi and Bella Hadid Wear Each Other on Magazine Cover

Let’s get right to the photo, shall we? As the fashion industry's most in-demand sisters, we're more familiar seeing @gigihadid and @bellahadid apart than together. However, the sisters unite for the March 2018 issue of #NewVogue, on newsstands February 2. Photographed by #StevenMeisel, styled by #JoeMcKenna A post shared by British Vogue (@britishvogue) on Jan 29, 2018 at 4:00pm PST Why yes, that is Bella and Gigi Hadid, naked together on the cover of British Vogue. For [Read Entire Story]

Jeremy Piven’s Sexual Assault Number Climbs to Eight

Jeremy Piven has gone dark since being accused of sexual assault back in October. That hasn’t stopped more women from coming forward and sharing their own Piven sexual assault stories. Three more women have come forward, claiming to have been sexually assaulted by the actor during his time in the business. *McCain Olson claims that Piven followed her to her trailer and forced himself on her way back in 1985. The movie in question was Lucas, which is the first movie Piven is credited as [Read Entire Story]

Tom Brady Is Going to Kill the Eagles Because a Boston Radio Host Ridiculed His Daughter

Tom Brady is preparing to win his sixth Super Bowl this Sunday. It’s going to happen Philadelphia fans, just go ahead and accept it. But he’s in no mood for jokes, especially when it comes to his 5-year-old daughter. Brady, making his weekly appearance on WEEI’s “Kirk & Callahan Show,” cut the interview short due to comments made about his daughter by WEEI personalty Alex Reimer. Reimer, when discussing the Tom vs. Time documentary, called Brady’s daughter [Read Entire Story]

Vince McMahon Tried to Sexually Assault Someone Off-Screen for a Change

In news that will surprise zero percent of wrestling fans, Vince McMahon allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in 2006. Yeah, the guy did this to a woman on national television. This is less surprising than Jeremy Piven being accused of sexual assault. McMahon humiliated and sexualized women for years, every Monday on the USA Network. I’m shocked we haven’t had more sexual assault stories in wrestling come out. According to this report, McMahon went to a tanning salon and tried to [Read Entire Story]

You’ll Be Able to Get Drunk at Disneyland in the near Future

Parents, listen up. You know how you have to take your kids to Disneyland and it’s really fun, but after the first hour you just want to sit down, have a beer, and let your kid run off by themselves? I know you’ve been there. Good news, Disneyland is making dreams come true again. Here are the details from the Thrillest: Ballast Point Brewing will open a 7,300-square-foot location with a three-barrel “research and development” brewery, restaurant, and an outdoor beer garden for [Read Entire Story]

James Franco Is Acting Like A Man Living With Guilt

James Franco isn’t doing so well after getting snubbed by the Oscars. The sexual assault accusations laid against him probably aren’t helping things. According to People, Franco hasn’t slept in days amidst the allegations. His team wants him to continue to make public appearances, hoping to save his image. “He’s in a really bad place, so bad that he changed his phone number,” a source close to the situation previously told PEOPLE. “His close friends are trying to be there for [Read Entire Story]

Meet the Human Fidget Spinner

Look, I don’t know how to sugarcoat this story. This is the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen. And I’ve written about a dude getting his legs eaten and a girl with a spoon as a nose. I’m sure there is some other nasty stuff I’ve written about in the past, but those are the two that stand out. This one, though. This takes the egg. Errr. Cake. I’m sorry I had to do that to you. But if I have to witness it, so do you. That’s Xiao Yan. She’s a [Read Entire Story]

Meet the Hot Train Conductor Who Got Railed by Her Employer

Note to anyone who has to work for “the man”. You’re likely being monitored. Most companies have a social media policy and if they find out that you’ve been complaining about your job or posting inappropriate photos, your ass is gone. Such was the case for Stephanie Katelnikoff, a train conductor who got railed by her employer for posting photos like this: Merry ho ho #christmaspinup #christmaslingerie #sexysanta #sexychristmas #yycmodel #yycphotographers [Read Entire Story]

Bella Thorne Likes Weed More Than Doing Movie Press

Bella Thorne is at the Sundance Film Festival, being famous. Oh, she also stars in some film called Assassination Nation. I’m sold based on the title alone. I assume it’s an all out murder brawl, which sounds awesome. Anyone who knows Bella knows that she’s not exactly the most mild-mannered person in the world. She hates when mudslides keep her from her boyfriend, hung out with Scott Disick for far too long, and loves Instagram. She’s also made no secret about the fact [Read Entire Story]

Bill Cosby Surprises People at Jazz Club. Not That Kind of Surprise

If you were at the LaRose Jazz Club in Philadelphia on Monday night, you were treated to the comedic stylings of a serial rapist. Lucky you. Bill Cosby made a surprise event at the venue, playing a little jazz music and telling stories. You know, the things normal people do. Not the things people accused of multiple rapes do. Bill Cosby, sitting on a stool in a hoodie at a Philly jazz club, telling stories and working the crowd. No mention yet of his looming trial on sexual assault charges. [Read Entire Story]

Anna Faris Would Love To Have Olivia Munn As A Sister, Which Is Not How Dating Works

Last week, we reported that Olivia Munn and Chris Pratt were dating. This week, Olivia Munn is disputing that report. She personally reached out to us and everything. Alright, she probably doesn’t even know we exist, but she’s free to DM me anytime she wants if she has any questions, concerns, comments, or gaming tips. Munn took to Instagram to clear up any rumors that she and Pratt are more than friends. More importantly, she cleared up any rumors that Anna Faris is furious at her. [Read Entire Story]

Taylor Swift Has the Craziest Stalkers

Taylor Swift is dealing with a real life Stan situation. Frank Andrew Hoover, a man who cannot be trusted with a name like that, has been stalking Swift and her family, threatening to end them all. Swift has a restraining order on the man, but that has not stopped him from emailing her and family members. Here are someone of his crazy emails via the Daily Mail. They form a 122-page indictment stemming from the violation of his restraining order: ‘Decided that we are going to end all the [Read Entire Story]

Russian Athletes Call In Sick to Avoid Drug Tests

The Winter Olympics are right around the corner. Brush up on your curling knowledge while you can. See what I did there? Brush up. All my curling aficionados got it. Russia can’t compete in the Olympics because they’ve been doping for years and the committee finally did something about it. Instead, they’ll be competing without a country. But they are still Russian. Over the weekend, the big bad IOC came after Russia again during a track-and-field event in Serbia. And Russia is [Read Entire Story]

Amber Rose Chopping Off Her Big Boobs

I’m just going to leave this here without comment. Thank you @garthfishermd A post shared by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on Jan 17, 2018 at 4:39am PST Alright, I’ve been told that I must comment. Amber Rose hates God and is getting a breast reduction surgery. Why do you hate the way God made you, Amber? Women always say, “you don’t need implants or makeup or plastic surgery. You’re beautiful just the way God made you.” Nine out of ten times it’s a [Read Entire Story]

Kevin Spacey Is Now A Gay Racist

Things already suck for Kevin Spacey. He was accused of sexually assaulting underage boys on multiple movie sets, he came out as gay, and he was fired from all of his jobs. Sometimes, when it rains it pours. A new report from Daily Mail now claims that Spacey made racist remarks on the set of House of Cards. Earl Blue, the head of VIP Protective Service, says that Spacey would not acknowledge black members of his security team and would often make racist remarks. According to Blue, Spacey was [Read Entire Story]

Nick Viall of ‘The Bachelor’ Gave His Rose to January Jones

Nick Viall is a bachelor no longer. In fact, he found himself a woman better than anyone he could have possibly found on reality television. He found himself January Jones. Yes, that January Jones. Do you know a different one? Viall was on the 21st season of The Bachelor and he got engaged to Vanessa Grimaldi. Like every relationship on The Bachelor, it didn’t last. He started dated January in November. Poor December. Here’s what a source told Page Six about the [Read Entire Story]

Anastasia Ashley Brought Her Bikini Body to Miami

Anastasia Ashley is like, a professional surfer or something. That’s not important when you’re hot and take photos of yourself in a thong. Here she is giving an interview about punching sharks in the face. But that’s not why you’re here. You’re here for the pictures. And boy does she take a nice picture. She’s not surfing in any of these pictures, because I’m 99% sure she’s not an actual surfer. It’s just a convenient excuse to go to the [Read Entire Story]

Antonio Banderas Suffers Heart Scare

Antonio Banderas was taken to the hospital after suffering from a heart scare. The actor was working out when he felt pains in his chest. Let that be a lesson to everyone. Don’t work out. Banderas was released from the hospital after doctors were satisfied with his condition. I like to imagine that Antonio left the hospital like this: via GIPHY SOURCE: The Blemish - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

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