Live Review: Hamilton Leithauser at Tractor Tavern 1/21

photos by Matthew B. Thompson (view set) You know when Hamilton Leithauser is about to hit a key vocal line. Like Arjen Robben dropping his shoulder before shooting on goal or Michael Jordan sticking his tongue out before driving to the hoop, Leithauser pulls the mic away from his face, tightens his shoulders, and then nails it – whether its a borderline-spoken couplet or an extended belt – with ruthless precision. It’s not a surprise when he does – he’s been doing [Read Entire Story]

Music that Matters: Shake Your Windows and Rattle Your Walls

Check out some of the KEXP DJ’s favorite artists from the Pacific Northwest and around the world on-the-go. KEXP’s Music That Matters weekly podcast brings you an exclusive mix of new music from the world’s best independent artists. Kishi Bashi at KEXP in 2016 // photo by Sarah O’Connor (view set) Currently you’ll hear: Music That Matters, Vol. 540 – Shake Your Windows and Rattle Your Walls DJ Kevin Cole unleashes a torrent of tracks for a changing world including the latest [Read Entire Story]

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