Our Weekend In Gaming: Grimdark – Tales Of Sci-Fi Misery

Moods must be too high around the office, because a couple members of the Co-Opticrew are dipping into the the latest and greatest in Futuristic Misery Simulators. Part of me hopes that they'll return with tales of honor and glory, but realistically, I know their stories will mostly revolve around dying messily on a forgotten planet for the glory of the Emperor. We should all be so lucky. Elsewhere, our weekend plans involve classic MMOs, not-so classic JRPGs, and perverse, twisted takes [Read Entire Story]

Grave Danger: The Ultimate Edition Coming To Consoles Later This Year

It's been a long, lonesome few years for Lost Vikings fans since the last relevant entry was released. Sure, they have an emulated version available through Blizzard, as well as the ability to play as the wandering trio in Heroes of the Storm, but when was the last time they could guide three characters to safety using their own unique skillsets? Well, they may not have noticed it, but a little game called Grave Danger popped out on Steam at the end of 2016. It's been a while since [Read Entire Story]

Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition Coming February 6th

Look at you, sitting at home like a dunce, thinking you're all done with loot-based shooters. You'll never be done crafting parts, collecting materials, and shooting bad folks. You hear me?! Never. To really drive that point home, Tribute Games has announced that Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition will be available on February 6th. For PlayStation 4 and PC, it'll arrive in the form of a completely free update for current owners, but this will be the first time the game's [Read Entire Story]

Our Weekend In Gaming: (Mostly) Full House

It's a slow-ish day at the office, so naturally, everyone at the water cooler is gabbing about their weekend plans! The office, of course, is Slack, and the water cooler is an email thread I sent this morning, but otherwise everything in that previous sentence holds true! Well, I guess I can't really presume the pace of anyone else's life, so... you know what, just scratch the whole thing. We've got the elusive four "X's" on deck, as well as fully huntable [Read Entire Story]

Our Weekend In Gaming: The Newest of Years

We made it! Despite its best efforts, 2016 loosened its vice grip just long enough for us to wriggle free into the bountiful land of 2017. What treasures await us here? Eh, it's tough to say yet. What we do know, though, is that there's gonna be plenty of co-op goodness to be had. Be it via tabletop, board, or video gaming, we're gonna have tons of chances to gather a few good friends and take down some crummy incarnation of evil. This weekend, we're focusing on devilish [Read Entire Story]

Our Weekend In Gaming: Ol’ Jack Frost

Can you feel it? That chill in the air? That shiver coursing through your veins? It means you're in the clutches of ol' Jack Frost. But, dear reader, there's no reason to fret. The Sultan of Snow may control the temperature, but he can never keep you from closing the blinds, pouring a nice mug of cider, and cuddling in front of an LCD screen with the lover, pet, or body pillow of your choosing. So, this winter, as you're watching Netflix and whispering sweet nothings into [Read Entire Story]

Our Weekend In Gaming: Roller Coasters, Robots, And Road Trips

What? There's no way we've already made it to the weekend. Just yesterday, I was slamming my alarm clock and emerging from my weekend fugue state. Plus, if it's already the weekend, then that would mean Christmas is just a couple weeks away, and that can't be true, cause then I wouldn't have time to get gifts- Oh. Uh. Guys. Guys, I gotta go. Here, shove these weekend plans into your ocular receptacles. We've got all kinds of stuff on the agenda, from loot [Read Entire Story]

New Details Emerge For State Of Decay 2

"Wow," I remember thinking when I first gazed upon State of Decay's Steam page, "this has just about everything I'd want in a zombie survival game." Not only did it allow you to engage in the traditional scavenging, crafting, and defending mechanics found elsewhere in the genre, it also attempted to simulate the humans living within this apocalyptic nightmare and their various relationships. Unfortunately, it was without any sort of co-op mode, and as such, was [Read Entire Story]

Happy Wars On Its Way To Windows 10

Happy Wars continues its journey through the various Microsoft storefronts this month with its release on Windows 10. Some titles would be happy with one, or even two, platforms to call home, but not ol' Happy Wars. Starting way back in 2012 on Xbox Live Arcade, Toylogic's free-to-play title served up chaotic online co-op for up to fifteen players. A few years and many, many battles later, Happy Wars found itself on Steam, and then, the Xbox One. Still, the developers knew that [Read Entire Story]

Our Weekend In Gaming: Stockpiling

The Co-Opticrew has begun to emerge from their various comfort food-induced comas, which means that the preparation for a harsh winter must begin. We've already stocked up on almost all the necessities (food, water, firewood, virginal blood to conduct our nightly Yuletide rituals, bedding, etc), so that leaves just one final item: video games. What specific video games, you ask? Well, curious stranger, we're stockpiling all kinds. We've got digital versions of theme parks, [Read Entire Story]

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